The Global GS1 Electronic Party Information Registry
The Global GS1 Electronic Party Information Register (GEPIR) is a distributed database that contains contact particulars of over one million member companies in over 100 countries.
You can query for the above by log in to the GEPIR service of GS1 organisations worldwide. For this, you can use two options: (a) log in to and search for member company contact details using GS1 product code numbers (GTIN’s – global trade identification numbers) on retailed products or GLN’s (global location numbers) or SSCC’s (serial shipping container codes) or by company name (b) log in to local GS1 organisation website through and search under “local GS1 offices” .
GS1 India’s GEPIR service has additional search functionality which enables search by product category as well in addition to the above search mechanisms. It also provides additional product attribute information where uploaded by member company.
GTIN -  GS1 product code for product identification (GTIN- 8, GTIN-12, GTIN-13 or GTIN-14)
GLN -  Global location number for location identification
SSCC -  SSCC code for carton/case identification (currently not applicable for India)
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Access to GEPIR will be terminated by July 31, 2016. You are advised to start using GS1 DataKart application ( For any assistance please contact implementation team or share your details below and our team will contact you shortly.